My name is Boie and I am an independent game developer with a MSc degree in Game Engineering as well as more than five years of practical experience in game design and all related aspects of the game development pipeline. While my passion lies in game design, my skills include programming, audio design and low poly 3D art as well.

My artistic aspiration is to create games that explore concepts beyond the conventional notions of what constitutes a video game and what are considered best practices in game design. I’m aiming to create shorter, polished experiences without filler content or repetition. Games that can ideally be finished in one sitting and are as accessible as possible.

The medium’s most essential feature I’m exploring with my games is the potential to evoke empathy. To earnestly convey experiences through interactivity. To let someone walk through and interact with pieces of another person’s mind as a means to express what can’t be put into words.

You can play my latest games here: